Exploring DietPi 9.1: New Images for Radxa Rock 4 SE and Raspberry Pi 5, Performance Enhancements, and Power Savings

Exploring DietPi 9.1: New Images for Radxa Rock 4 SE and Raspberry Pi 5, Performance Enhancements, and Power Savings

DietPi, known for its lightweight and adaptable nature, has just rolled out DietPi 9.1, the latest version built on Debian 12.5. One of the key highlights of this update is the addition of new images tailored specifically for Raspberry Pi 5, complemented by updates for other Raspberry Pi models. These fresh images leverage the robust Bookworm’s Linux kernel 6.1 LTS and firmware package from Raspberry Pi Ltd., offering enthusiasts an opportunity to explore enhanced performance and compatibility.

The introduction of the Radxa Rock 4 SE image was a necessary step due to the subtle differences in memory support between the Rock 4’s RK3399 SoC and the RK3399-T’s SoC, making it impossible for a Rock 4 image to boot on the Rock 4 SE. Similarly, the new Raspberry Pi 5 image is still in its early stages and may have rough edges, with features like resolution changes and camera module support not yet functioning. However, these new images are now available for testing purposes.

While DietPi 9.1 brings exciting advancements, some features like screen resolution adjustments and camera module support are still in the works. Despite these ongoing developments, the release signifies DietPi’s commitment to delivering optimized experiences for single-board computer enthusiasts, promising further enhancements and refinements.

DietPi, a lightweight and versatile Linux operating system based on Debian’s stable branch

In addition to the major updates mentioned, DietPi 9.1 includes numerous smaller improvements focused on code performance, stability enhancements, visual refinements, and spelling fixes. While it’s challenging to detail every change here, you can explore the comprehensive list of code modifications for this release on GitHub by visiting MichaIng/DietPi!6921. These continuous refinements reflect DietPi’s dedication to delivering a polished and reliable Linux operating system experience for single-board computer users.

The release also brings a series of bug fixes for general OS-level tasks, such as partition resizing. At an app level, we see bug fixes for Mosquitto (MQTT service), Amiberry (Amiga emulation), Samba (SMBFS) servers, OctoPrint 3D printer web interface, and RealVNC server.

DietPi v9.1 can be downloaded directly from the DietPi website.

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